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Imperium Markets currently works with Issuers and Wholesale Investors across the Australian and New Zealand money market and fixed income markets

(Authorised Deposit-Taking Institutions/Corporates)


On the back of years of experience working for Issuers in these markets, Imperium Market’s founders have a deep understanding of the problems faced by this side of the market and the business is focused on addressing these by providing:

  • Access to a secure (CPS234 adherent), cloud based technology
  • Removing key operational risks, including manual entry 
  • Meeting increased compliance and reporting requirements
  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • Streamlining costs 
  • Integrating with legacy systems
  • Operate within an ASIC licenced market environment

Market Development

Imperium Markets has been working closely with a number of Issuers in the market and we are currently developing/finalising a range of digital solutions to transform the way existing Issuer processes can be delivered in the future.

This includes, but is not limited to:

ADI Money Market Dashboard – ability to manage existing client maturities via a secure, digital platform; pro-actively contact them with individual bespoke pricing; track responses; full audit/compliance history; ability to integrate into existing technology, or access simple .csv file downloads.

Digital Issuance Platform – whilst working with one of the world’s largest finance companies, Imperium Markets has developed the money markets first digital ‘Issuance’ platform. Although starting in the commercial paper market, we believe this technology will change the way Issuers will be able to come to market and assist in digitising a historically time consuming and costly process.

Whitelabel Capability – as we work with Issuers on their digital transformation journey and assist them in streamlining processes, improving risk and compliance and reducing legacy costs, Imperium has introduced the capability to whitelabel our technology stack to give Issuers the ability to deliver market leading infrastructure to their key stakeholders (Bankers/Management/Customers), at a fraction of the cost of building these capabilities in-house.

We also understand that not every Issuer will have the same requirements or ways of doing things, so we have designed a flexible technology stack that can be tailored to specific Issuer needs. Partnering with Imperium Markets allows an Issuer to act quickly and avoid time consuming and costly in-house builds that are known to always take longer than expected, go well over budget and if they are completed, do not deliver exactly what has been requested.

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Whether running a money market/fixed income portfolio manually via a spreadsheet or utilising a treasury management system that does not have the ability to execute transactions electronically, Imperium Markets provides the Wholesale Investor market with a secure, cloud based, licensed market environment to better manage and execute their portfolios. 

The changing global landscape around digital transformation and a clear strategy for many regarding improving risk/compliance and accountability, now requires investors, particularly those investing on behalf of others, to focus on moving to a cyber secure environment which will assist in removing unnecessary operational risks, capture specific transaction details (date/timestamp) for auditing purposes and integrates seamlessly with existing systems.

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Imperium Markets provides investors with a range of digital options to specifically meet their portfolio requirements

We currently work with customers across the entire Wholesale Investor market, including: