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Digitising Money Markets and Fixed Income Securities

Imperium Markets is a financial and regulatory technology company with one clear vision: to digitise and transform the experience for Issuers and Investors in the money market and fixed income markets.


OECD (2018), Financial Markets, Insurance and Private Pensions: Digitalisation and Finance

Brian Solis, digital anthropologist and futurist. (

Leading the

Digital Transformation of Money Markets & Fixed Income Securities

Through extensive consultation with the market, Imperium Markets has started our journey by delivering a market leading digital term deposit platform that solves known market problems and provides Issuers and Wholesale Investors with:

Leading Cloud Technology

Our Approach

Imperium Markets provides its market leading cloud technology service to streamline and improve processes for Issuers and Wholesale Investors in the money market and fixed income markets.

Why Us?

Our Focus

Enhancing the Working Relationship

Our focus on enhancing the working relationship between all parties involved in a transaction provides them with the ability to spend more time on value adding activities and less on transacting, administrative, risk, compliance and reporting requirements.

What sets us apart?
Market Users

Excel remains the most widely used tool in accounting, investment and compliance departments of financial firms across the world, however, are you aware of the known compliance problems it can bring?”

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Why is this the case? Excel is easy to use, it is already installed on every computer and even the most basic users can organise information in tables and create simple calculations.

However, the known problems with Excel are varied: 

  • Copying and pasting of data is error-prone and can mess with formula ranges.
  • Models are often poorly or not at all documented.
  • There is no access control and no audit trail.
  • Multiple versions of the same files create consistency problems.
  • Overwriting a single cell in a complex model can invalidate the calculation results without leaving a trace.

Even though these problems are well known, quite common and have potentially catastrophic outcomes, there seems to be a culture of denial in many firms. Even business-critical spreadsheets are rarely peer-reviewed or otherwise tested and oftentimes changes are neither discussed, documented nor tested, frequently leaving decision makers unaware that the model has been modified in the first place. These spreadsheets are then used as the basis for strategic business decisions.

Imperium Markets technology is designed to replace excel and provide the money market and fixed income markets with the knowledge that their data and information is secure, compliant and relevant, so informed business decisions can be made without the above additional risks potentially being present.


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